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St. Giles' Cathedral
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St Giles' Silver - George Johnson Summers, 1980


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Location of this collection:
St Giles' Cathedral
High Street
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 1RE, UK

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2 Volumes


Scope and Content:

Historical and descriptive notes on the silver plate - sacramental and secular - possessed by St Giles' Cathedral, the High Kirk of Edinburgh, by George Johnson Summers

Preface p.3

Introduction p.5

Historical Background p.7

The Scaramental Silver -

17thc silver plate p.11

Baptismal vessels p.11

Communion silver p.21

19thc Silver Plate - p.43

Antique silver p.43

Modern silver p.48

20thc silver - p.50.

The Manse silver p.59.

Additional silver pieces p.70

Conclusion p.78.

Appendix 1 - A silver chalice and paten in possession of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle.

Appendix 2 - The Quarters or parishes of Edinburgh , 1598-1655 - p.89

Appendix 3 - Congregations which have worshipped within the building of St Giles' Cathedral since the Reformation. p.92

Appendix 4 - The development of the Hallmark p.94.

Appendix 5 - Coats of Arms p.96.

References - p.96.

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